The final farewell, funeral flowers at arcade flowers Ringwood. Only now do I feel I have a full understanding of what funeral flowers really mean. They mean remembrance, they mean fondness, they mean memories.
Let me start from the beginning.
My main job roll at arcade flowers Ringwood is to create the most beautiful day a bride could wish for, with help from flowers a plenty! I’ll spend hours talking and designing with the brides wishes in mind… a process that can take days, weeks or even months! Yet when I lost a dearly loved family member I was thrown into the role of a funeral planner. Then it came to thinking about their flowers, you don’t have the luxury of time; the most important arrangement I’ll ever make will have to be decided quickly!
“A waste, all that money on flowers!” some would say… “Anything will do” others would say or “I don’t mind pick whatever!” I was there to explore the possibilities of different styles, colours and designs to choose from.
But this was our last parting gift to a wonderful person, for their last big day. A simple daffodil would instantly put a smile on their face. The first snow drop blooming would become a topic of conversation and a sweet pea would be picked and admired all summer long.
Funeral flowers, like I first said, are a memory. Many people come to us not knowing how to portray a personality into an arrangement, and that is where we can truly help. Help to make the last memory the best and the most beautiful, and to say a final goodbye with flowers.
When I had the honour of designing my loved ones tribute the main thing that was important to me was that it couldn’t look like a traditional funeral tribute. I wanted it to look like my mother In laws garden! Natural, colourful, loose and lovely and wild, with every spring colour I could possibly squeeze in.
Time needs to be taken, it’s a sad day, but it’s a special day. There are so many possibilities with flowers, and we can do (almost!) anything you wish for. We can talk you through the options, develop ideas and put visualisations into practice. A double ended coffin spray, a single ended spray, a sheaf, a basket, a wreath, heart or pillow. The options are versatile and so widely ranged from a small token of respect for a friend, or the main tribute for a loved one. Let us help you decide on a suitable tribute.
Firstly, size matters! Usually the immediate family will order the main coffin tribute, which, is usually what we call a double ended spray. Ranging from 3 to 6ft long, it covers the top of a coffin, making it the main focus on the day. Consider the style your loved one would have warmed to- country, modern, wild or neat and tidy. What is the most important factor to consider? It is entirely personal to you, the style, colour, scent, overall feel.
We can talk you through the vision in your head and the possibilities really are endless, we take time and care into your consultation, and love to know which are the colours that evoke happy memories. We want to change the way of funeral flowers. Tell us about your loved one, honestly we love hearing about them. If they loved fishing, give them a river bank… if they married holding a sprig of lavender, give them lavender… come and sit on our sofa, have a cup of tea and let us help you create that one last gift. The flowers can express the feelings that words cannot convey, the perfect way to soothe grief and uplift heavy hearts.