We’re so excited to see the world embrace botanicals and succulents in the home. As well as adding a burst of colour to uplift and transform any room, these clever plants clean the air and emit soothing frequencies which boost your everyday health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re looking to create a peaceful nook for an area of quiet reflection, boost harmony in your home or transform your instagram feed, scroll below to view our range of botanicals or give us a call for special requests.
Arcade Flowers | Artisan Floristry | Ringwood Hampshire | Botanicals 4 | www.arcadeflowers.co.uk.jpg
Arcade Flowers | Artisan Floristry | Ringwood Hampshire | Botanicals | www.arcadeflowers.co.uk.jpg
Succulents - texture and pattern geeks stand up and take note, succulents are hot on the scene right now and for good reason. Not only are these plants striking to style up any shelf, they need very little care other than a good amount of light and the vapour in the air is often enough to water them sufficiently. Suspend them from ceilings or line them up in cute pots to bring dinky pots of green into your home.

Cactus - these seem to be in print everywhere and are incredibly interesting plants to grow yourself. Easy peasy - lots of natural light and hardly any water, I mean hardly any! We stock a wide variety of them so you can compare and wow your friends. Highly collectable, style them up in any number of our pots or glass to set them off. Careful as you work with them though - gloves are needed for those sharp tiny pins!
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Snake plant/sansevieria - A good snake plant should add height and drama to any styled area in your home. The deep green contrasted with the yellow edge works against any deeply coloured feature wall as well as it does against pure white, and we often find ourselves staring at the pattern on the leaves as they grow. Easy to care for; lots of natural light and give them a drop of water just before the soil looks dry.

Jade plant - Given as tokens of good luck, friendship and prosperity in Asia, Jade plants thrive on full sunlight and when its happy, this succulent will give beautiful pink or white flowers. Claimed to improve Feng Shui it makes for a beautiful addition to your home or office.

Aspidistra - Even people who are terrible at looking after plants can’t help but make this one thrive - the Aspidistra’s lovely wide leaves soak up natural light even in dim and darker conditions whilst adding serious amounts of green to contrast and complement the decor in your home. Bring their tropical vibe into your house and brighten up those cooler, darker areas.

Devils ivy/pothos - Quick growing, highly decorative, a pot of pothos will languidly drape itself wherever you choose to style it. Perfect to take the botanic theme to new heights and trail off high book cases, wardrobes or suspend from your ceiling.
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Arcade Flowers | Artisan Floristry | Ringwood Hampshire | Botanicals 2 | www.arcadeflowers.co.uk.jpg
Muehlenbekia or Maiden’s Hair - It’s important when styling to add some size and shape contrast and that’s what Maiden’s Hair does with its millions of tiny leaves. Brilliantly resilient, this will grow in sun or shade, in your garden or on the beach - perfect for those seaside retreats with salty sea air. Allow it to grow and trail freely or snip it on occasion to style it how you wish, in pots or hanging baskets.

Peace Lily / Spathiphyllum - This plant does exactly what it says it does - it brings a beautiful white flower of peace into your home. Placed in front of a window these lily’s will grow to a good height and expand in the pot to provide year-round greenery and beautiful flowers.