Our tested tips for super succulents

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Who else wants to play with crushed lava? Time to get your superstar succulents on …

Succulents, the small yet mighty superstars of the plant world. People are going mad for them at the moment - everywhere you look in magazines, interior styling, there they are. Regardless of the fact that these mini pot plants are the perfect size for some picture perfect instagram styling, they actually pack a mighty punch for your own health in the home. Here’s the Arcade Flower’s fool proof guide to ensuring that your collection is healthy and growing in every way possible …

Pop Quiz

Do you know the first place that you need to fill with succulents?
It’s actually the bedroom. Did you get it right? Whoop yes. If you’re doubtful, here’s why …

So as many of you will know, larger botanicals clean the air around you during the day but succulents are little gems that clarify the air at night. So surround yourself with them and snooze in total comfort in the knowledge that they’re taking care of the air around you. Orchids also function in this way but they can be a whole lot trickier to take care of!

Amazing to know. Of course they’ll work to clean the air in every room over night so you can go full-on obsessive and style them pretty in every room to keep everywhere fresh.
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How to care for your succulents …
Succulents are mighty little plants that have adapted their routines to be able to go for longer periods without water. That said, you’ve still got to water them and make sure that you get the amount right.

Don’t overwater these little babies. A little once a week should be enough - you don’t want their roots to rot away. If in doubt, pour in some water, let the soil run dry and then immediately top it up a little.

If you position them in the bathroom the air will be moist enough to water them.

Next, make sure you give these little plants a spot with access to direct sunlight and they will love you for it.
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Secret to succulent success? It’s all in the soil …
Most succulents will come with the soil prepared but if you’re re-potting them, you need to get your soil mix right, this is key to their correct water absorption and inspires them to grow for a long and happy life.

The rule of thumb that we’d suggest is four parts potting soil to one part pebbles, crushed lava - yes you get to play with crushed lava - super cool, or pumice! These tiny rocks help with drainage and prevents root rot - it’s a tip that most people are too busy to implement, but get it right and you’ll be able to have proud succulent smug face. #Winningatlife

More and more and more succulents …
If you’ve bought a flowering variety, you need to prune after blooming or during the winter season. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always worth quickly removing broken, diseased, or dead leaves, stems and flower stalks. If you’re intent on keeping your plants a specific size or shape, don’t waste the cuttings from your snipping session. These stalks can root and grow into new plants, so place them into a pot of watered potting soil and keep the soil moist until the cuttings root and show signs of new growth. Within a few weeks, roots and tiny plants will begin to grow from the base of the cuttings. Allow your propagated succulents to take root, then you can replant to your heart’s content.

Which ones are which?
Good question. Here are a selection of our most popular babies: